More from the "the Onion couldn't make this stuff up" department

Stuart Lawrence stuartwl at
Tue Mar 25 19:51:39 MST 2003

If sand were measured like humidity, it would have been 100 percent
today. Brown neck gators were pulled over the nose; goggles sealed off
the eyes. The sand crept in anyway. "You dwell too long on it, you go
crazy," Sgt. Maj. Hector Torres said. To sleep, the soldiers curled up
in the lee of trucks, or huddled in their sleeping bags, which are full
of clever design features to make them miniature tents.

By day, the soldiers from the 101st were kept busy reinforcing the camp
they have set up here in central Iraq, primarily a base for the
helicopter gunships flown by the division. The official name is Forward
Operating Base Shell; another similar base is called Exxon.

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