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Tue Mar 25 21:23:09 MST 2003

I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS by John Sanbonmatsu

I support our troops' right to be lead to slaughter by cowardly
millionaire chickenhawks who had their daddies pull strings for them
during Vietnam so they wouldn't have to go to war like the sons of
the working classes.

I support our troops' right to be deployed in a hostile country,
15,000 miles away, and to be killed, maimed, and wounded.

I support our troops' right to be taken prisoner by a murderous regime.

I support our troops in the struggle to give (millionaire) Richard
Cheney's former company Halliburton a multi-million dollar contract
to rebuild the oil wells that will be destroyed in this war.

I support our troops for protecting Colin Powell's right to present
fabricated documents before the U.N. Security Council, in order to
provide justification for an unjustifiable war.

I support our troops' right to fight a war in violation of
international law, opposed by 80% of the world's population, and
guaranteed to be used as a recruitment tool for Al-Qaeda.

I support our troops in taking down a dictator who received his
chemical weapons from US and British sources back in the 1980's, when
Saddam was our friend and the US looked the other way while he gassed
the Iranians.

I support our troops' right to stain their souls forever with the
spilled blood of ordinary human beings, soldiers and civilians, women
and men, children and infants, and to see brains spilled out on
pavement and intestines bloated from the sun and fingers and hands
eaten by crows.

I support our troops in developing psychic trauma from this war, and
I support their return to America shell-shocked and jobless and
shunted into the hell-hole of the Veterans Administration bureaucracy.

I support our troops' right to go after a regime which, according to
the CIA in its 2002 threat estimate, did not pose an "imminent"
threat to US national security--a regime which (according to the CIA)
would have an interest in attacking America directly if we invaded
that country.

I support our troops right to fight in complete ignorance of the
cynical policies of the cynical politicians who sent them there, the
cowardly Republicrats, all millionaires, whose children are safely
ensconced at Yale and Harvard and the State Department.

I support our troops in defending "democracy" and "freedom" in Iraq,
even while the Iraqi exiled opposition complains that the US State
Dept. and CIA are trying to prevent a democratic post-Saddam regime
(as they did in 1991), and even though the same people leading them
to war are the very same people who stole the 2000 election and are
destroying our democracy at home, eroding our Constitution through
surveillance, suspension of habeus corpus, harrassment of honest
Muslim-Americans, and lying to the people about their ulterior
motives in attacking Iraq.

I support our troops' right to return to this country and to use
their Apache helicopters and Tomahawk cruise missiles against the
filthy oil companies and rich elites and yahoo commentators and
cowards in the Capitol for having exposed their precious minds,
bodies, and souls to death, destruction, and the organized murder of
another people.

March 24, 2003

John Sanbonmatsu
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Department of Humanities and Arts
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA  01609
(508) 752-5925
js at wpi.edu

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