Generals say winning war will take huge forces, heavy casualties

lvnadal lvnadal at
Tue Mar 25 21:22:01 MST 2003

Here come the "Ben Tre" shift in the war--"It was necessary to destroy the
village, to save it."   As the battle gets more away from the battle plan,
something that always happens all the time, the inevitable response is more
massive, indiscimninate, destruction.  It's hard to imagine that more
massive, indiscriminate destruction can occur, but that's truly the horror
of the imperial big green machine.

If not so already, then we are not far from the moment when B52s and B2s are
loaded with "dumb" high explosive and incendiary devices and sent to raze
every building in every city.  The entire country will be designated a
free-fire zone.  And even all of that, all that destruction, all that
misery, won't work.  Nothing will be secure after the burning of Iraq.


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