Al Jazeera website downed by attack

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By Peter Svensson The Associated Press
Published: Mar 25, 2003

Hackers attacked the Web site of Arab satellite television network
Al-Jazeera on Tuesday, rendering it intermittently unavailable, the
site's host said.

The newly launched English-language page, which went live Monday, was
hardest hit in a bombardment of data packets known as a
denial-of-service attack.

Ayman Arrashid, Internet system administrator at the Horizons Media and
Information Services, the site's Web host, said the attack began Tuesday
morning local time.

The Web host is based in the Persian Gulf state of Qatar. The servers
that host the Al-Jazeera site are in France and the United States. Only
the U.S. servers were under attack, said Arrashid, so the attackers were
likely in the United States.

He said technicians were working to thwart the attack, but could not
estimate when the site would be fully available again.

Al-Jazeera, also based in Qatar, is an unusually independent and
powerful voice in the Arab world whose broadcasts of U.S. prisoners and
war dead has angered many Americans. The English site carries at least
one picture of a dead U.S. soldier.

Representatives of the broadcaster could not immediately be reached for

In denial-of-service attacks, hackers normally send a deluge of false
requests to Web servers, overloading them and making them unavailable to

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