News Item: Exiles head home to fight 'invaders' (don't you justlove the

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Wed Mar 26 02:45:12 MST 2003

YEah, I can imagine a Rumsfeldian crooking a pair of fingers held aloft
on the end of both arms, and saying "invaders" in a funny voice while
rolling eyes.

Meqanwhile, teachers are having to deal with the war with their pupils.
Kids are told why our brave troops are fighting, -- "for freedom"
(I am crooking my fingers here, and waggling my head),
 and that we should support them, and our President.
THis was on ABC or NBC news tonight;
they blend into each other so I forget.
Sorry--if it matters to you.

Meanwhile, a sixteen year old told me that no one in his class is
for the war.

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