Getting us ready

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Wed Mar 26 03:35:31 MST 2003

They are trying to get us ready to accept huge
civilian casualties in the cities in Iraq. And
one can even see another right-wing conspiracy
taking shape: 'they didn't let us win'.

In the ongoing propaganda war of the humongous
Bush war machine vs. the Iraqi Baathists, tit for
tat though:

The US and UK showed the images of POWs (or
actors in posed shots) first.
If some of Hussein's men are posing as
'civilians', one has to ask, what are the CIA
operatives and Delta Force strike teams wearing?

One of the many false dichotomies we were asked
to choose from in the pseudo-debate in the run up
to the war concerned the 'Arab on the street' or
'Islamic opinion'. My intuition is this: it's a
false dichotomy to say the choice is between
pro-US dictatorships (whether secular or
religious) and the dreaded 'fundamentalists' or
'Islamists', who are supposed to come to power in
any election and then put an end to any chance
for democracy.

What is far more likely to emerge--and far more
frightening to the US--is democracy and
participatory politics based on secular
democratic and moderate Islamic forces. One can
see it taking shape in Iran right now.

The reason this is such a threat, though, is that
such a coalition, however democratic or moderate,
will be decidedly anti-American.

The US will have got what it fully deserved this
time. The limits have been crossed....

C. Jannuzi

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