Baghdad market bomb deaths (today's Independent - UK)

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(According to a Web site - - that keeps track of
civilian deaths in the U.S. war, based upon a conservative estimate drawn
from various news sources, somewhere between 230-310 civilians have
thusfar been killed.)

Allies blamed for Baghdad market bomb deaths

By Nick Allen and Gavin Gordon, PA News at Central Command, Qatar

26 March 2003

Iraq today claimed "many, many" civilians were killed after coalition
bombs or missiles hit a market in Baghdad. Officials said that at least 12
people had died although local people claimed "dozens and dozens" were

The authorities said two cruise missiles struck a heavily-populated area
in the north of the city, Al-Shaab.

Around 30 other people were said to be injured and there were reports from
television journalists of badly-burned bodies lying close to damaged
residential buildings.

The incident would appear to be the first major case of so-called
"collateral damage" involving substantial civilian casualties, which
Allied chiefs have been trying to avoid.

The Arabic satellite television channel Al Jazeera showed several charred
cars at the scene. Hundreds of people stood in front of what appeared to
be a bombed-out building, some with their firsts in the air and shouting
"There is no God but God."

The Iraqi authorities are expected to take western journalists to the
scene later today.

In the 1991 Gulf War, an RAF Tornado hit a market in the city with a stray
bomb, killing a reported 130 people and wounding 78. The RAF apologised
and called the incident a "one-off".

But it was one in a series of "collateral damage" incidents that led to
charity the Red Crescent to estimate that as many as 7,000 civilians had
been killed in allied bombing raids.

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