Generals say winning war will take huge forces, heavy casualties

bon moun sherrynstan at
Wed Mar 26 05:46:19 MST 2003

I would suggest that, in fact, the conflict regarding the fragging is
more likely national in character than simply class, and this is the
complication for the left.  I completely concur that this young man
deserves a strong legal defense, and that we are obliged to watch how
this develops very closely.

That piece was ripped out hastily, right after a root canal, and my
language may not be perfectly clear.  I apologize for that.  I also
accept the criticism of the use of the term "ultraleft."  I will
endeavor to confine myself heretofore to the content of peoples'

I maintain that a defense of the lad's actions would be incredibly
destructive for us.  It would separate us from the movement and the
masses in a half a heartbeat.

Gotta go to work.

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