The 'Basra Uprising' goes the way of the An-Nataf Chemical Weapons Cache

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Wed Mar 26 06:17:46 MST 2003

Iraqi Shi'ite Opposition Says No Uprising in Basra
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TEHRAN (Reuters) - An Iraqi Shi'ite Muslim opposition group said on
Wednesday there had been disturbances, but no uprising, in the southern
Iraqi city of Basra.

A spokesman for the Tehran-based Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in
Iraq (news - web sites) (SCIRI) said there were "some disturbances" in
Basra. Asked if this amounted to an uprising, the spokesman, Abu Islam,
said: "No, there is no uprising."

British Prime Minister Tony Blair (news - web sites) said on Wednesday he
believed there had been a limited uprising in Basra overnight.

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This about 10 minutes after another story that said "British high command
confirmed there was an uprising."  Al-Jazeera on the other hand had said
they couldn't find one.  There was in fact a PRO-SADDAM demonstration in
Basra yesterday which was aired on Al-Jazeera, and, who knows, that may have
been the start of the whole rumor mill.

So what about the supposed heavy 'horrific' mortar shelling of Basra by the
Fedayeen?  Was there any shelling?  Whose?  Was this just so that when the
world sees ruined buildings in Basra, we will be told that they were all
destroyed by the Fedayeen?


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