Some of Hussein's Arab Foes Admire His Fight (FWD: NY Times)

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Wed Mar 26 06:55:22 MST 2003

> There is a report on radio today of a large movement of Republican Guards
south.  The advance of the 3rd Division and parts of the Marine Ex. Force
has been made without flanking movement to secure their lines of supply,
relying instead on air cover.

If the Republican Guards are able move "en passant" by the salient of US
troops, then the 3rd Infantry may be cut off, and the Marines in the South
will be blocked from further movement.

Then all air power will have to be directed away from Baghdad and Basra.

Think not Khe Sanh, but the Israeli Army trapped and cut off in the Sinai
the Yom Kippur war, saved only by the US threat of massive bombing if
did not allow the Israelis out.

You may be right about our prescriptions being out of date.  I am in complete agreement.

There is already a decision being made to completely revamp the ROE.  Prepare for collateral damage.

This military "victory" will become a crushing political defeat.  The price of that defeat may be truly terrible in Iraq.

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