Unpleasant imperialist war choices (1.5)(update)

sherrynstan at igc.org sherrynstan at igc.org
Wed Mar 26 07:05:22 MST 2003

They are saying that mopping up the south will take "days, not weeks".
We'll see. Bush is now talking more and more about 'a long war'.  But
meanwhile things are not improving on the political side.  It is STILL a
chaotic regime, and - I really mean this - the military victory of the US
over Iraq is NOT INEVITABLE.  No, it isn't!  The whole anti-war world is
there, the situation is volatile, and at any time something can happen to
crystallize events in another direction.  The conclusion for us is that we
have to hang tough, not let down mentally, and take whatever days the
Fedayeen are buying for us and use them to educate, mobilize, and throw
whatever strength we have into the battle.

I have seldom disagreed with anything Lou Paulsen said.  But I maintain that military victory over Iraq is inevitable.  The administration has already said they will acccept no other outcome, and I believe them.  They have the force to do it one way or another.  This is Bush, Perle and Rumsfeld, not Johnson and McNamara.  I agree however that we cannot let down one bit, and in fact have to continue to push the movement further.  The cost of their victory will create a whole new political situation globally.

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