Some of Hussein's Arab Foes Admire His Fight (FWD: NY Times)

L.V. Nadal lvnadal at
Wed Mar 26 04:28:43 MST 2003

Couple of items:

1. I appreciate Comrade Goff's earlier clarification.
As much as I have disagreed with some of his work, I
have always admired the strength and clarity of his
presentation. Root canals suck.  Industrial
strength ibuprofen works better than narcotics
for me.

2. Regarding "inevitability" of military victory--
I wish I could be more in Comrade LP's corner than
I am.  I am having a frightful realization, almost
tearful, that things I have said in theory --"only
a revolution against capital can end this war," may
be the practical reality.  Nothing more frightening
than the truth of your own convictions. You might
recall earlier references in other discussions about
the slogan "Create 2,3 Many Vietnams."  When I first
heard slogan that it brought me to tears.
I didn't think the world could stand that much
bloodshed again. I knew I couldn't.

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