Unpleasant imperialist war choices (1.5)(update)

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> I have seldom disagreed with anything Lou Paulsen said.  But I maintain
that military victory over Iraq is inevitable.  The administration has
already said they will acccept no other outcome, and I believe them.  They
have the force to do it one way or another.  This is Bush, Perle and
Rumsfeld, not Johnson and McNamara.  I agree however that we cannot let down
one bit, and in fact have to continue to push the movement further.  The
cost of their victory will create a whole new political situation globally.

Oh, I believe them too.  Understand what I'm saying.  I don't think we can
just 'go and stop the war' in a voluntaristic way.  I don't disagree that
their victory is inevitable -if- the political situation globally and
locally remains pretty much what it is, -and- barring unforeseen
circumstances.  But what I'm saying is that the situation is volatile and
chaotic and there are a still some possibilities for unforeseen
circumstances to arise and for the situation to change rapidly.  There could
be some awful military blunder, some latter-day Ellsberg releasing a secret
document ("We told you in August there were no chemical weapons there, Mr.
Bush....") ("Dear Mr. Cheney, Your kickback of $80 million is enclosed.  The
Halliburton Corporation is grateful for all you've done"), an 'uprising' in
Cairo, an oil boycott ... some chain of events which might take two weeks or
a month to unfold.  All of a sudden finance capital ITSELF might get
convinced this war isn't a good idea for the moment with the current plan.

If they are certain of crushing the Iraqi resistance within a week then none
of these things really have time to have an effect, but I no longer think
they're CERTAIN of crushing the resistance even in a month.  So that's what
I mean by "not inevitable".

In haste, lp

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