"There are events in Basra"

Mike Friedman mikedf at magnus.amnh.org
Wed Mar 26 08:40:30 MST 2003

Not so perplexing. I could well believe that the British forces said
they were making Basra a military target in one breath and spouting
about an uprising in the next. I have no doubt that the CIA and its
British counterpart (MI-6 is it?) has been quite active in that city
fanning the flames and otherwise fanning resentment against the


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>From: "M. Junaid Alam" <redjaguar at attbi.com>
>Subject: Re:"There are events in Basra"
>What is happening here is very unclear. The US officials say reports are
>"mixed", and all the "confirmation" of the uprising is sources from
>"British command." Obviously it is not impossible that there is an
>uprising, but one must be wary. For it was not more than a few hours ago
>that British forces said they were making Basra a military target, that
>they were going to move in and secure the area, in an abrupt change of
>plans that called for containment-itself a change of plans from the
>original hopes of mass jubilation captured by hordes of ITV crews.
>Anyway the upshot of taking the city is invariably civilian casualties,
>so the timing of this purportred uprising here is somewhat suspicious.
>Nevertheless this is part of the unstable set of dual contradictions for
>the Iraqis, Shiites in particular: distrust of foreign invasion but also
>disliking for the regime. So far, these sets have not collided in a
>decisive manner one way or the other, though they have gravitated more
>towards the position of being against the invasion forces regardless of
>Saddam or even in support of him. Maybe this has swung drastically in
>the other direction in Basra, maybe not. What is more important is the
>battle for Baghdad--whether or not the southern Guard divisions will be
>annhilated in the next 24 hours, thus making it almost suicidal and
>futile to resist.


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