U.S. Cease-Fire Negotiating Team Heading to Baghdad?

Jay Moore pieinsky at igc.org
Wed Mar 26 09:29:28 MST 2003

Jose's analysis is very good for reminding us that we cannot look at the
military situation separate from the political situation -- Clausewitz and
all that -- and of the potential political fallout and splits for the U.S.
ruling classes.  However, I think both he and Stan are too pessimistic,
still too awed perhaps by all the technology being deployed and the
propaganda that has been written about it.  Why do you say a U.S. victory's
"inevitable"?  Perhaps this is the old Maoist in me speaking, but I still
think people are the determining factor in war.  The U.S. threw everything
it had at Vietnam and look what happened there.  The NFL hung bags of urine
up in trees to confuse the sophisticated detection systems along the Ho Chi
Minh Trail.  They dug tunnels and survived the B-52s. The current higher
tech war brings along with it many vulnerabilities to natural (sand, heat)
and lower-tech defenses.

In any case, what do folks make out of the following story:

A US delegation arrived in Amman in its way to Baghdad for ceasefire

Abu Dhabi, Alittihad Daily, 3/26/2003 -- The UAE leading semi-official daily
newspaper, Alittihad, reported today that a US government delegation has
arrived in Amman, Jordan, yesterday in its way to Baghdad for negotiations
with the Iraqi government about an immediate ceasefire.

A diplomatic source told Alittihad that the US government delegation
included four leading members of Congress as well as the daughter of the US
Vice President, Dick Cheney, representing the US Department of State, where
she works as an Assistant to the Deputy of the Secretary of State for Middle
Eastern Affairs.

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