Al-Jazeera TV says no signs of Basra uprising

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Wed Mar 26 09:45:10 MST 2003

26 Mar 2003 06:19:46 GMT

Al-Jazeera TV says no signs of Basra uprising

KUWAIT, March 26 (Reuters) - Al-Jazeera television said on Wednesday there
were no signs of unrest in the southern Iraqi city of Basra despite British
reports that an uprising against President Saddam Hussein may have started

"The streets of Basra are very calm and there are no indications of violence
or riots," Jazeera's Basra correspondent Mohammed al-Abdallah told the
Qatar-based network.

"There are no signs of the reported uprising. All we can hear are distant
explosions in the southeast, and we believe fighting is going on there."

full article (though that is the heart of it) here:

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