M26 National student strike numbers

Peter Boyle peterb at dsp.org.au
Wed Mar 26 19:57:44 MST 2003

These are the numbers of the turnout to the Books Not Bombs
student anti-war strike on March 26. This is a little down
on the 30,000-strong March 5 strike but proportionately
better than the broader movement's response after war began.

The next strike on April 2, is turning into a struggle for
the right to protest as the police in Sydney, at least, seek
to ban the march.

Send messages of support to:
booksnotbombs at booksnotbombs.org.au

Adelaide	8000
Brisbane	1000
Canberra	300 (March 24)
Hobart		300
Launceston	150
Newcastle	350
Melbourne	2000
Burnie		30
Lismore		500
Geelong		300
Perth		2000
Sydney		10000
Wollgong	100

Total		25030

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