Labor premier blames Marxists

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Thu Mar 27 00:17:57 MST 2003

NSW Labor Premier Bob Carr must have been tipped off by
Labor Police Minister Michael
Costa (an ex-Trotskyist)!

Peter Boyle



ABC Online: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 12:57 AEDT

Carr blames 'Marxist' protesters for violence

New South Wales Premier Bob Carr says extreme left-wing
groups are responsible for the violence against police at
yesterday's anti-war protest march in central Sydney.

Police say they may seek a Supreme Court order banning the
organisers of the march from holding further protests, after
14 people were charged with violence-related offences.

They are also looking to make further arrests by identifying
protesters on video recorded during the march.

Mr Carr says he believes 'Marxist-Leninist' groups and
political cults are responsible for the clashes.

"They're using these youngsters, and they're hoping they'll
be radicalised," Mr Carr said.

"They're there to provoke violence because they believe the
experience of violence on the fringe of a demonstration will
radicalise naive, politically unsophisticated youngsters
who've been recruited to march for the best of reasons."

One of the organisers of yesterday's protest rejects claims
Mr Carr that extreme left-wing groups are responsible for
the violence at the rally.

Protest organiser Kyle Moon, from Resistance, says the
Premier is trying to marginalise a large section of the
peace movement.

"We won't accept that. We need to be very careful," he said.

"The people of Iraq are under attack, and we need a more
united and stronger peace movement, and I think that Bob
Carr is making a very shallow attempt to try and divide that

Meanwhile, Assistant Police Commissioner Dick Adams says he
may apply for an injunction in the Supreme Court to stop a
rally planned for next week, if organisers do not convince
him it will be peaceful.

"I have to make an application in the Supreme Court and if
it's granted then I can prevent that march," he said.

"Now that's not been done very often because we respect
people's democratic rights to protest, but if we're not
satisfied that people are going to work within the decent
norms of the community then we will stop those protests."

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