Stop the slaughter! Bring the troops home now! -- Green Left Weekly #531 March 26, 2003

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             Green Left Weekly, Australia's socialist newspaper
                                 Issue #531
                              March 26, 2003

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: Stop the Slaughter! Bring the troops home now!

On March 20, Australian fighter planes assisted in a US air strike on
Baghdad, marking the beginning of the US-Australian war against the
Iraqi people. We need to exercise the power of collective action if we
are going to stop this war. Mass street marches, student strikes and
occupations, workers' strikes, union bans on the movement of military
supplies or on any companies associated with the war drive, and other
forms of mass action can show that we will not allow murder in our name.



 * Editorial: We must stop Howard's war!


 * Students stop school to stop the war
 * IRAQ: A war based on US lies


 * WORLD: High school students lead the way
 * IRAQ: US aggression to benefit US oil companies
 * Massive protest in New York City
 * PALESTINE: The murder of Rachel Corrie
 * Rachel Corrie: `We are all kids curious about other kids'
 * IRAQ: This war violates international law
 * UNITED STATES: Corporate media hid US war's likely impact
 * CANADA: Movement not sidetracked by Chretien's ploy
 * WORLD: Huge anti-war demonstrations on March 22
 * UNITED STATES: Protests erupt as Washington's war of conquest begins
 * VIETNAM: Protesters voice anger at US attack on Iraq


 * Students, teachers and the anti-war movement
 * John Pilger: `Success need not be a dream'
 * The reliability of our news media during war
 * Iranian asylum seekers may face forced return
 * Why we should continue to march
 * War pressure ratchets up in Australia
 * Midnight, dawn or just plain slaughter


 * Solidarity pledged for Timorese refugees
 * Western Sydney protests
 * Kurds rally against occupation of Northern Iraq
 * As the bombs drop, Australians say `No war!'
 * Workers protest war
 * Australia's troop commitment protested
 * Carr cops an anti-war message
 * 120,000 join weekend protests against war
 * Bombing causes `worst teaching day in 30 years'
 * NSW votes against the war
 * Make Howard face the people!
 * Anti-war activist notebook
 * US speaker slams `imperial mafia'
 * Bombs drop, but students suspended
 * Canberra protests
 * Cairns protests war
 * Canberra Friday protest
 * Brisbane streets erupt in protest
 * Brisbane's March 22 protests
 * Melbourne March 20 anti-war rally
 * Mackay protests war
 * Melbourne emergency rallies
 * Brisbane streets erupt in protest
 * Lismore rallies against Baghdad bombing
 * Antiwar movement in Launceston defiant
 * 450 protest war in Wollongong, March 21
 * Penrith protests the war
 * Western Sydney Peace Group gets connected and vocal
 * 2000 rally in Perth
 * 30,000 Perth people say `No War!'
 * Wollongong students' walkout against war
 * Adelaide says `No' to the bloodshed


 * New Mexico student poets victimised for anti-war stance
 * V-Day play for asylum seekers
 * Moving criticism of indifference
 * Inside Out for peace
 * Ghoul power: Buffy sticks it to the system


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