Special Forces or Special Operations?

bon moun sherrynstan at igc.org
Thu Mar 27 05:07:12 MST 2003

The distinction is more than merely semantic.

"Special operations" is descriptive of a category of operations that
include a rather diverse array of missions; advisory/assistance, shock
infantry (Rangers), counter-terrorist, civil affairs, psyops, etc.

"Special operations forces" describes any and all units within the
various Special Operations Commands.

"Special Forces" is a definite subset of SO, with its own "Special
Forces" command, and they are commonly called Green Berets, based on the
12-man A Detachment, a very flexible organization, with language
capability, and their job is to work directly with foreign forces,
conduct some strategic reconnaissance, and perform some direct action.
They are now "establishing rapport" with the Kurds.

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