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Thu Mar 27 07:04:18 MST 2003

Shiny Blue Grasshopper wrote:
> I thought you might be interested in participating in this web
> demonstration against the war:
> http://www.shinybluegrasshopper.com/nowar/
> Keep up the good work on the site!
> Kelly

Thanks, Kelly. And keep up the good work on your site as well which I
just visited.

It is interesting that you say that "Above all else, I'm a liberal,
tree-hugging hippie wannabe. I should have born in the 60s, man. Trying
to make the world a better place is what drives me." There was an
interesting article in the NY Times last week that stated that the new
antiwar movement does not emerge out of a counter-culture as that of the
1960s did, but your website points in the direction of a new kind of
counter-culture in which the Internet plays the same kind of role that
"underground newspapers" played in the 1960s.

As A.J. Liebling once said, freedom of the press belongs to those who
can buy one. In the 1960s that motto was undermined to some extent by
the explosion of low-cost, community-based newspapers like Atlanta's
"Great Speckled Bird", the East Village Other in NYC, etc. which blended
antiwar agitation with recommendations on how to grow potent marijuana.
Many of these newspapers disappeared after the 1960s died down or became
tamed and commercialized like the Boston Phoenix, which now features
articles on where to get the best ice cream and conventional wisdom on
stopping terrorism.

That is why the Internet is so important. It allows a 22 year old person
like you to create a blog that can be read anywhere in the world,
including the subscribers of Marxmail who are spread across 5 continents.

Keep up the good work.


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