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Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 27 07:31:47 MST 2003

>>The distinction is more than merely semantic.

In language, all distinctions of meaning are

>>"Special operations" is descriptive of a
of operations that
include a rather diverse array of missions;
advisory/assistance, shock
infantry (Rangers), counter-terrorist, civil
affairs, psyops, etc.<<

Yes, but in recent news the terms 'Special
Operations Forces' and 'Special Operations Group'
have both been used. So I was pointing out that
the .ru might not have been incorrect.

>>"Special operations forces" describes any and
units within the
various Special Operations Commands.

"Special Forces" is a definite subset of SO, with

its own "Special
Forces" command, and they are commonly called
Green Berets, based on the
12-man A Detachment, a very flexible
organization, with language
capability, and their job is to work directly
with foreign forces,
conduct some strategic reconnaissance, and
perform some direct action.
They are now "establishing rapport" with the

I can tell you that a military unit based on 12
men is not only not very flexible but it is
actually rather limited in what it can do.
They've been working with the Kurds for 10 years,
so I hope they have established by now whatever
it is they were supposed to establish.

The Green Berets really stunk up the place in the
Philippines recently, and people power (plus the
Catholic Church and PM Mahathir in Malaysia) is
forcing the hardheaded pro-US government to the
peace table finally.

Sorry, but as someone with military experience, I
just can't fall for the line of elite military
bull that dumbshit management types like Rumsfeld
always pull. And all those officers who climb the
ranks --take Powell for example--they all have
their jump wings for airborne school and not a
few have ranger qualifications, but it's always
armor and artillery that save them--as they are
finding out now. Yet none of them, none of them
have ever qualified on a tank.

More on this later.

C. Jannuzi

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