Sanders supports Imperial aggression again!

Will Miller wmiller at
Thu Mar 27 10:51:40 MST 2003

 From the Vermont Labor Activist list:

>...Bernie had voted for HCR-104. HCR-104 is not merely a "support
>our troops" resolution.  It also declares support for President Bush
>in his determination that war is the only way left to deal with Iraq
>and that it is an essential part in the overall war against
>international terrorism.  Eleven Democrats voted against this
>resolution because of its support for the war and not merely for the
>troops, and 22 more Democrats voted present but did not vote yes.
>So, Bernie would not have been alone had he voted no.  We have
>included the entire text of the resolution as an attachment for
>those who are interested. People who are outraged by this vote
>should get their opinions to Bernie right away any or all of these
>Sanders- 1-800-339-9834, 802-862-0697; D.C.- (202) 225-4115;
>bernie at
>Here are the representatives who voted no:
>(Conyers,Honda, Jones (OH), Lee, McDermott, Rangel, Scott (VA),
>Stark, Towns, Waters, Watson)
>Here is some of the most outrageous wording in the resolution:
>"Whereas on March 18, 2003, the President transmitted.......that
>reliance by the United States on further dipilomatic and other
>peaceful means alone will neither adequately protect the national
>security of the United States against the continuing  threat posed
>by Iraq nor likely lead to enforcement of all relevant United
>Nations Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq,and that the
>President's use of military force against Iraq is consistent with
>necessary ongoing efforts by the United States and other countries
>against international terrorists and terrorist organizations,
>including those nations, organizations, or persons who planned,
>authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occured
>on September 11, 2001....."
>And also that the Congress expresses unequivocal support not just
>for the troops and their families, but also to "the President as
>Commander-in-Chief for his firm and decisive action in the conduct
>of military operations in Iraq as part of the on-going Global War on

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