Antiwar movement deepens in Spain

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Sindicato de Estudiantes

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A million students out on the streets
Unprecedented student demonstrations against the imperialist war
CCOO (Workers’ Commissions) and the UGT must call a general strike now

Today, March 26, the Sindicato de Estudiantes (Spanish School Student’s 
Union), together with other student organisations, organised another 
mobilisation against the war. We organised a student general strike in 
the high schools and universities and demonstrations in more than 70 
different towns all over Spain. The turnout was hugely successful. A 
very high number of students (more than 90%) took part, both in the 
schools and the universities. A total of more than a million students 
took part in the demonstrations.

The biggest demo was in Madrid with around 250,000 students. Other big 
demos took place in Barcelona with more than 150,000, Seville with 
30,000, Valencia 25,000, Bilbao over 15,000, Tarragona more than 10,000 
Oviedo 10,000, Santiago 7,000, Salamanca 5,000, Gijon, Granada and 
Vitoria with more than 2,000…

Madrid demo
This was the fourth student general strike called by the Sindicato de 
Estudiantes against the imperialist war. The antiwar movement is growing 
and each successive mobilisation is more militant than the one before. 
For the first time, on this latest mobilisation there was a massive 
presence of university students.

In Madrid there were three marches from Atocha, Ciudad Universitaria and 
Recoletos, all converging on Puerta del Sol. It was an exemplary 
peaceful demonstration. This massive mobilisation of hundreds of 
thousands of youth on the streets demanding an end to the imperialist 
butchery against the innocent Iraqi people was the best reply that they 
could give to the government authorities who had tried to provoke and 
intimidate the movement.

The Sintel workers were also there and they greeted the demonstrators at 
the end of the march. The Sintel workers have been involved in a long 
dispute demanding decent jobs. There were also representatives of IU 
(United Left), the CCOO, the UGT and the STES. As the march moved along 
many older people joined the demonstration.



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