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Thu Mar 27 11:48:14 MST 2003

NYT reports:

"They're pretty gutsy, they're showing a lot of guts," said Capt. Dave
Nettles, an intelligence officer with the Seventh Regimental Combat
Team, whose light armored reconnaissance patrols have fought several
scraps with the guerrillas. "Maybe they don't have anything to lose."

...but for a homeland.

What really astonishes me about this whole Iraq piratic invasion is the
unbelievable degree of stupid ignorance to which imperialist
self-delusion has managed to arrive.

Perhaps it is a peculiarity of American imperialists. As the history of
Latin America and the Arab world show, the British were always very
much aware of the inner fabric of the societies they colonized and pillaged.

But it is nevertheless amazing to observe throngs of high brass military
discover that the people of an invaded country have nothing to lose.



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