Forwarded from Robert Touraine (antiwar slogans & the US SWP)

Stuart Lawrence stuartwl at
Thu Mar 27 12:30:00 MST 2003

Robert Touraine wrote:

Since there are some people on this list with an SWP background, this
 piece from the October 1, 2001 Militant may interest you. It is so
recent that you wonder what they were thinking when they stayed out of
the recent mobilizations.

Actually, the article is a reprint of Barnes' _1991_ "Opening Guns of
WWIII." Back then, before and during the first Gulf(, Texaco, Exxon,
Mobil, Shell, BP) War, the US SWP was an active builder of the antiwar
movement. Today they have no role at all within antiwar coalitions, as
far as I've heard.


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