Is this the real George Bush?

Stuart Lawrence stuartwl at
Thu Mar 27 13:30:29 MST 2003

Would the real George Bush please stand down
The Guardian
Thursday March 27, 2003

You may think the air of extreme witlessness impossible to mimic, but is
the man on the podium the authentic Dubya, a trained stand-in or an
animatronic lookalike? Tim Dowling investigates

(Photo caption: "George Bush" addresses the troops in Tampa. See how
cleverly the wires are disguised.)

Yesterday President George Bush made his first public appearance since
the start of the war, speaking to service personnel at the MacDill
airforce base in Tampa in an obvious bid to reassure Americans and boost
the morale of the armed forces. But how do we know this is the real
George Bush?

Later in the day a man who looked and sounded like Mr Bush appeared
alongside Tony Blair at Camp David, leaving intelligence experts to
ponder whether a lookalike had been used, and whether the same lookalike
had been deployed on both occasions.

It has long been suspected that Mr Bush employs a string of lookalikes
for difficult or dangerous speaking engagements, some of whom may have
had their ears specially enlarged for the task.


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