Mass anti-war rally planned in Indonesia

Stuart Lawrence stuartwl at
Thu Mar 27 15:28:23 MST 2003

"Tom O'Lincoln" <suarsos at> wrote
...Another figure, Noval, leader of a group that had conducted
aimed at foreigners also said no sweepings should happen now, because
western foreigners were opposing the war in their own countries.

Thus it seems the mass anti-war actions in the west have contributed
significantly to avoiding xenophobia in Indonesia....


A good thing to keep in mind in a dark time here in the USA. Someday the
antiwar movement here may the only thing forestalling the world's
blanket judgment against the American people. I'll be sure to remind the
next pro-war clod who heckles me about this.

"Bush's Willing Executioners"? NO WAY!


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