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Has anyone else yet made the connection that by
subjecting the entire Iraqi population to the
stress and dislocation of war, that the US and UK
governments are now creating an opportune
environment for the pneumonia-causing virus
(SARS) sweeping out of Asia right now? This also
includes military personnel. Ever wonder why so
many military people end up with ruined health as
well? This is no trivial matter. Look at how many
people an influenza epidemic wiped out after WWI.
See this info. below and think about it:

IRAQ: Bombs Begin to Also Hit the Survivors Thu
Mar 27, 6:49 PM ET Add World - to My

Sanjay Suri,Inter Press Service

LONDON, Mar 27 (IPS) - The massive bombardment of
Iraq (news - web sites) is causing heavy
casualties, but it is also beginning to have an
impact on those who survive it, as feared.

"World Health organization (news - web sites)
staff in the capital report that the continuing
bombardment is beginning to have a serious impact
on the mental and physical wellbeing of the
population, particularly children and other
vulnerable groups," WHO said in a statement

"The bombardment makes it extremely difficult for
medical staff to get to those who may need
medical assistance, including women in labor,"
WHO said. "It also means that people who need
medical help are unable or unwilling to seek it
because of the potential danger."

The damage is being done by lack of sleep and by
fear, officials at WHO say. "Clearly, the longer
this situation prevails, and the worse it gets,
the greater the damage will be to the lives of
the civilian population," a WHO spokesman in
Geneva told IPS.

rest of article at link above

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