Terror war on Baghdad picks up steam

Loupaulsen at attbi.com Loupaulsen at attbi.com
Fri Mar 28 11:40:35 MST 2003

As predicted.  To the Shaab marketplace hit the other day, and the criminal
descruction of the TV station, add last night's hit on the workers' housing
complex, the destruction of the telephone exchange, and now:

Arabic TVs: Over 50 Iraqis Killed in Baghdad Blast
16 minutes ago  Add Top Stories - Reuters to My Yahoo!

KUWAIT (Reuters) - Arabic-language television stations said that more than 50
Iraqis had been killed in what they said was an air raid on a marketplace in
the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Friday.

Al-Jazeera's correspondent said 51 Iraqis had been killed and 49 injured in
the market in the Shula neighborhood of Baghdad.

"An Iraqi official told us that the search is still going on for those trapped
under the rubble," he said and showed pictures of bodies, including those of
two children.

Dubai-based Al-Arabiya television reported 52 dead and showed pictures of
injured at a hospital. Iraqi government officials were not immediately
available for comment.

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