Syria and Iran threatened by US

M. Junaid Alam redjaguar at
Fri Mar 28 15:10:56 MST 2003

"1. Donald Rumsfeld threatened small forces of pro-Iranian Iraqis who,
he said, were planning to take action against US forces."

I don't think he said they were planning to take action against
Americans. This group is anti-Saddam, so I would assume they would be
taking advantage of the strategic situation by carving out some sphere
of influence by combatting Iraqi troops.

"2. The Iranian government, for the first time, called for mass
demonstrations, I believe taking place as I write this. The Iranian
government sees now the invasion of Iraq as a bigger threat, or the
bigger evil or Satan (compared with Saddam Hussein)."

This all depends on the validity of point 1, but it appears that at
least the Syrian leadership understands its situation very clearly; it
knows it could be next. I don't know that Iran knows. Plus I'm not sure
about this "mass demonstration", it will probably be staged government
propaganda protest, because to my understanding, giving the huge Iranian
losses incurred at the hands of Hussein in the 8 year war, there were no
protests there while they were going on internationally, or in the Arab

"4. All evidence points to the fact that rather being Iran the one that
stopped the Shi'ites from "revolting" against the Iraqi government once
the US troops entered Iraq, was the other way around.  The decision of
many Shi'ites to resist the US/British troops is forcing the hand of
Iran from "neutrality" into a token support for the resistance."

I don't really know what the hell happened here. The Supreme Council for
Islamic Revolution told the Shiites in the south to keep their heads
down at least until it was clear the Americans would win decisively,
then in Reuters their leader made a press statement to revolt. That shit
had zero effect on the ground, and I didn't even see that report on a
single other news site afterwards.

"6. There are now firm evidence that at least some of the Kurdish
factions in Northern Iraq refused to participate in a military campaign
against the Iraqi troops, both out of fear of heavy losses, but also
because they have mistrust of the US.  At elast one of the factions
dennounced the US annoucned plan of "territorial integrity" of Iraq and
the idea of a "federation.""

Frankly the Kurds have becomes slaves of the United States. Their
leadership, PUK and the other big faction, are prostitutes of the
American adventure 110%. I have read numerous reports where they are
urging the US to bomb this and bomb that like impatient little children
tugging at a mother's apron. Women are naming their children after Bush
and Cheney. Ultimate responsibility for this pathetic tragedy, which
will end in another betrayal by the US, lies with the Ba'ath and its
stupid policy of alienating half the ethnicities in the country and
forcing them into these kinds of desperate situations.

"7. The US rejected out of hand a proposal by exile "opponents" of
Saddam Husseing who want to form a government comprised by the exile
forces.  The US said that "people inside Iraq" must have a saying in the
formation of such government."

An NYTimes magazine article a while back on Makiya already made clear
that the state dept. won out over the neoconservatives on the question
of post-war Iraq's leadership--it will be US military and civilian-led,
not the INC or whoever.

I think their first act will be to replace the Iraqi flag with a big
pin-up of Ariel Sharon.

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