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Fri Mar 28 15:43:34 MST 2003

The latest NPR report had an interview with Basra based photographer Chris

NPR: We have heard from British officers that civilians are trying to flee
Basra, but were being shot at by paramilitaries.

CHRIS: As far as I know, they are coming out to get food and water. Their
generators have been destroyed. From my point of view , the paramilitaries
try to target British tanks.

NPR: .... But the British are not in control?

CHRIS: [The Brits fire power is overwhelming. But] they don't venture in.

NPR: There were reports early this week that there was an uprising against
Saddam's forces.

CHRIS: I could not hear credible reports of that. .... Although Brits win
every direct engagement, the militia is still in control. They don't move
in. They wait for snipers, then respond. The Brits learned their tactics in
Northern Ireland. They don't stay in. If they went in and stayed in, they
would suffer a lot of casualties.

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