British invaders "nowhere near" capturing Basra

M. Junaid Alam redjaguar at
Fri Mar 28 15:49:09 MST 2003

Leaving aside entirely the bizarre, conflicting, and illogical reports
of uprisings and Iraqi technicals killing their own people, the
military-tactical side of this operations makes no fucking sense at all.
Let's recount the basics: the Brits invade, and expect to be greeted
with flowers. This does not happen. So they decide they'll just hang
around the outside of the city and make some kind of deal with the
civilian authorities. Instead they get a hail of unrelenting bullets. In
reponse, they decide city fighting would be too risky, too much
collateral damage, too many of their own dead, so they'll just hang
around outside, preventing the Iraqi military from breaking out of the
city. Then once it becomes clear a humanitarian crisis of sorts is
unfolding, there is a 180 degree turn around. Now to guarantee the flow
of water and food they must eliminate the opposition. Around the same
time all this talk of uprisings comes up. That's disappeared. And the
Brits, who practically promised to invade and said it's a "military
target", are still slumping around outside the city. The forces there
say it evokes memories of peacekeeping operations and N. Ireland.

Either they have been handed a set of military objectives they can't
complete, or they are waiting for their intelligence agencies to foment
a larger-scale revolt in the city. This is all very important as a
foreshadowing of Baghdad. Because it turns out Rumsfeld has been talking
about taking Baghdad not by storm, not by urban combat, but by
encirclement, siege, and hoping the Shiites revolt up there. Now, you'd
think if a whole fucking city of Shiites, no, a whole region of them
ain't revolting anywhere in the south, that they sure as hell won't be
revolting in the capitol city where the regime's entire militia and
elite guard are based. What the hell is this guy talking about?

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