Sanders supports Imperial aggression again!

Elisha Stephens elishastephens at
Fri Mar 28 16:03:44 MST 2003

Louis Proyect wrote: If there are any lessons, it is that electoral politics
is a cesspool that drags down everybody who bathes in it.

For a (temporary, anyway) counterexample, the following recent press
releases from Dennis Kucinich are about as strong as it gets from bourgeous
politicians (way better, by the way, then comments I've heard from the
podium at antiwar rallies by others like Barbara Lee):

3/19: "President Bush has launched an unprovoked attack against another
country. Iraq does not pose an imminent threat to the United States or any
of its neighboring nations. Iraq was not responsible for the  terrorist
attacks of September 11. Tonight, President Bush has commanded  U.S. forces
to go to war in violation of American traditions of defensive war that have
lasted since George Washington. This war is wrong; it violates the
Constitution and international law."

3/21: "Today is a sad day, the United States has begun its 'shock and awe'
air campaign against Iraq. By all accounts this attack will rain  thousands
of bombs down on a heavily populated area."

"The 'shock and awe' air campaign is a horrific acceleration of the United
States unprovoked attack against Iraq. This air campaign is designed to aim
the full might of the United States military apparatus at the center of a
civilian population."

"Today, my thoughts and prayers are with the coalition service men and
women serving in the region and with the innocent Iraqi civilians. We  must
end this unjustified war."

3/28: "This Administration has never made its case for war against Iraq.  It
is an unjustified war, which the Administration continues to  misrepresent
and exaggerate. The most recent example is the  Administration's
characterization of international coalition support  for this war."

"This morning, President Bush once again exaggerated the extent  of support
for the war stating that the coalition of countries  supporting this war is
larger than the 1991 Gulf War. What Bush failed to mention was that back in
1991, all of the 34 coalition members offered military force, by
contributing troops on the ground, aircraft, ships or medics. "

"This war involves the troops of only the U.S., Britain, Australia,  Poland
and Albania. Not even the three members of the Security Council that support
the war, Spain, Italy, and Bulgaria are committing military support."

"This Bush Administration has been adding coalition member to  their list
based on statements of moral support. As the Washington Post reported last
week, if this type of criteria was used back in 1991, the size of the
coalition would likely have topped 100 countries."

"Further, the total cost of the Gulf War to the United States was around $4
billion dollars. This time, the President has come to Congress requesting a
$75 billion bill, all of which will be paid by U. S. taxpayers. Clearly,
military and economic support from countries is  far more important than
statements of 'well-wishes'."

"This war must end now. It was unjust when it started last week, and  is
still unjust today. The U.S. should get out now and try to save the  lives
of American troops and Iraqi citizens. Most importantly, ending  the war now
and resuming weapons inspections could salvage world opinion of the United
States, which has been deteriorating since the talk of war began. After all,
the greatest threat to the United States at this time is terrorism, which is
breeding from this war."

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