British invaders "nowhere near" capturing Basra

M. Junaid Alam redjaguar at
Fri Mar 28 16:32:46 MST 2003

"My guess is that it is not so much the horrifying casualties that will
galvanise the Arab world but rather the spectacle of Arab resistance.
Of course Al-Jazeera is showing the Arab world what Bush's cant about
peace and liberation really mean, and that is fuelling the deep hatred
of the USA.  But the courage of the Iraqi people is also sparking a
response throughout the Arab world.  Are we seeing the Arab nation being
forged in front of our eyes?"

Of this there can be no doubt Crde. McLennan, no doubt at all. The
images of Iraqis being blown up and destroyed surely provide fuel for
the outrage, but that is only humiliation, frustration, and sadness that
has been going on forever. The real difference here is most definitely
the resistance. A co-editor of the English Al-Ahram weekly, Shukrullah,
has written a couple articles pointing to that, actually the whole of
the last edition of that online mag talks about the amazing resistance.

Let us put the situation in perspective: in 1967, the Arab armies were
smashed in 6 days. In this totally unequal contest, one Arab nation
under attack by the world's sole superpower has yet to lose a single
city of significance. No one can deny the success of the Iraqi tactics,
and certainly when you leave aside those pathetic and nauseating
propagandists from the Pentagon, and look at what the actual military
commanders on the ground are saying, they are only confirming it day in
and day out.

So now, the Arab world has seen the biggest demonstrations in Cairo
since the death of Nasser, it has seen huge street demonstrations in
Syria, and a consciously pro-Iraq line in the Syrian government, it has
seen Iraqi exiles from Jordan and Syria pouring back into Iraq.

Now of course, no one can predict the exact ebb and flow of
circumstance; who is to say that in the next 72 hours when the Americans
annihilate the Republican Guard Medina Division at Karbala that the
Iraqi political-military apparatus won't fall apart, for example. But
frankly, that doesn't really matter--it is the Iraqi people who are
demanding that Anglo-American invaders get out, which they most
certainly don't plan to do anytime sooner or later. The very idea that
the people of Iraq are going to sit around and welcome these various
pro-Israeli, or dual-citizen Zionist American officials--for that is
what they are--who are supposed to run the country later on, smacks of
the utmost absurdity.

Anyone with a pair of eyes who has read the latest from WSJ or Reuters
knows that even as the Shiites are collecting supplies from the
"humanitarian" soldiers, they are threatening them to get the hell out.

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