Explosions in Kuwait

M. Junaid Alam redjaguar at attbi.com
Fri Mar 28 16:43:26 MST 2003

Thankfully no civilians here in the area, at least it appears that way.
And oh yeah, the Faw Peninsula is a "secured" area, courtesy of the
Explosion Shakes Center of Kuwait City

UWAIT, March 29 (Reuters) - Debris lay scattered around a Kuwait City
shopping mall on Saturday, Reuters correspondents at the scene said,
after a blast that witnesses said was caused by a missile that landed

Reuters correspondent William Maclean said the Al-Sharqiah cinema, which
was part of the seafront mall in the Souq Sharq district, showed signs
of damage to its frontage and roofing but it was unclear whether it had
been struck by a missile.

There was a smell of smoke in the area.

A policeman at the scene told Reuters he had seen a missile land in the
sea. Other witnesses said the missile appeared to fly in over the sea
from the direction of Iraq's Faw peninsula.

Several missiles have been launched at Kuwait from Iraq since the U.S.
-led war against Iraq began. Kuwaiti officials say previous missiles
launched at Kuwait have all been shot down by Patriot batteries or
landed harmlessly in unpopulated areas.

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