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--  Modern coverage is another battle front, Vic Carroll, Sydney Morning
Herald, March 29, 2003
--  Russia to 'lose out on Iraqi oil', Agence France Presse (Fr), March 29,
--  Halliburton's Axis of Influence, Frida Berrigan, In these Times (US),
March 28, 2003
--  Politics And Policy: Perle's Conflict Issue Is Shared By Others on His
Defense Panel, Tom Hamburger and Dennis K. Berman, Wall Street Journal (US),
March 27, 2003
--  U.S. planning more invasions, McGovern says, Bruce Murphy, Milwaukee
Journal Sentinel (US), March 27, 2003
--  Iraq: U.S. Media Along for the Ride, Emad Mekay, Inter Press Service
News Agency, March 27, 2003
--  Carr blames 'Marxist' protesters for violence, Australian Broadcasting
Corporation, March 27, 2003
--  Washington to Use Seized Iraqi Money to Pay Contracts, Emad Mekay, Inter
Press Service, March 26, 2003
--  Who was Zoran Djindjic?, The Guardian, March 26, 2003
--  Lies rejected, Editorial, The Guardian, March 26, 2003
--  Howard put on notice over war crimes, The Guardian, March 26, 2003
--  NY stock exchange bans Al Jazeera, Agence France Presse (Fr), March 26,
--  Softening us up in a subtle war of words, Annabelle Lukin, Sydney
Morning Herald, March 25, 2003
--  Channels of Influence, Paul Krugman, New York Times (US), March 25, 2003
--  Boycott of American goods over Iraq War gains momentum, Erik Kirschbaum,
Reuters (UK), March 25, 2003
--  War in Iraq -- daily update, iraqwar.ru, March 25, 2003
--  Halliburton Gets Iraq Firefighting Nod, Associated Press (US), March 25,
--  Silverchair targets PM in updated video, Australian Associated Press,
March 25, 2003
--  Hypocrites Of America Crying Foul, Paul Routledge, The Daily Mirror
(UK), March 24, 2003
--  Iraq War Update, iraqwar.ru, March 24, 2003
--  Who Lied To Whom?: Why did the Administration endorse a forgery about
Iraq's nuclear program?, Seymour M. Hersh, The New Yorker (US), issue of
March 31, 2003
--  Is North Korea Next?, John Feffer, Interhemispheric Resource Center
(US), March 24, 2003
--  Australian pilot gives thumbs down to US bombing order, Greg Ansley, New
Zealand Herald, March 24, 2003
--  Row developing over wheat supplies to Iraq, Australian Broadcasting
Corporation, March 24, 2003
--  I'd like to believe in a place called Hell, Terry Lane, The Age, March
23, 2003
--  War Could Be Big Business for Halliburton, Carolyn Koo, Reuters (UK),
March 23, 2003
--  U.S. Concerned About Russian Weapon Sales, Associated Press (US), March
23, 2003
--  Howard's future on the line, Greg Ansley, New Zealand Herald, March 23,
--  European unions stop work to oppose war, People's Weekly World (US),
March 22, 2003
--  War will not bring democracy, Communist Party of Iraq, People's Weekly
World (US), March 22, 2003
--  Bush brings U.S. into illegal war, Communist Party of the U.S.A.,
People's Weekly World (US), March 22, 2003
--  Anti-war protests sweep Africa, BBC (UK), March 22, 2003
--  Thank God for the death of the UN, Richard Perle, The Guardian (UK),
March 21, 2003
--  A Crossroad In History, Klo McKinsey, March 21, 2003
--  An Orwellian Pitch: The inner workings of the war-propaganda machine,
John R. McArthur, The L.A. Weekly (US), March 21-27, 2003
--  The humanitarian arguments for this war are spurious, Scott Burchill,
The Age, March 21, 2003
--  Unionists urge Malaysia to cut ties with US in Iraq war protest, Agence
France Presse (Fr), March 21, 2003
--  Hands off Korea, Editorial, Workers World (US), March 20, 2003
--  The revival of benevolent imperialism, Lawrence James, The Independent
(UK), March 20, 2003
--  Iraq War -- Daily Update, www.iraqwar.ru, March 20, 2003
--  Printing press hastened revolutions: Now it's the Internet's turn,
Deirdre Griswold, Workers World (US), March 20, 2003
--  The real reasons America is invading Iraq, Kenneth Davidson, The Age,
March 20, 2003
--  Halliburton Makes a Killing on Iraq War: Cheney's Former Company Profits
from Supporting Troops, Pratap Chatterjee, CorpWatch (US), March 20, 2003
--  U.S. Plans to Tap $40Bn Iraq Account, Catherine Belton, Moscow Times
(Ru), March 20, 2003
--  Nowhere to hide behind the letter of the law, Devika Hovell, Professor
George Williams, Sydney Morning Herald, March 19, 2003
--  Media Giant's Rally Sponsorship Raises Questions, Tim Jones, Chicago
Tribune (US), March 19, 2003
--  Stop the war: Bring the troops home, The Guardian, March 19, 2003
--  The world's new superpower, Editorial, The Guardian, March 19, 2003
--  A monstrous war, The Guardian, March 19, 2003
--  Will the War Begin With a Big Lie?, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
(US), Press Release, March 19, 2003
--  Proud of Opera House Protest, Australian Anti-Bases Coalition, Press
Release, March 19, 2003
--  Australia's complicity in war crimes, Australian Anti-Bases Coalition,
Press Release, March 19, 2003
--  Ave Caesar: The Emperor Has Spoken, Let the World Take Heed, Rahul
Mahajan, CounterPunch (US), March 18, 2003
--  We Must Not Let Each Other Down: Confronting Our Fears So We Can
Confront the Empire, Robert Jensen, CounterPunch (US), March 18, 2003
--  16 Iraqi 'violations' of the UN versus 51,000 by the US and UK, Jan
Oberg, Centre for Research on Globalisation (Ca), March 17, 2003
--  Imperial Enterprise: War Mongers Run Amok, Gregory Elich, Swans (US),
March 17, 2003
--  The Iraq crisis in context, Ulli Diemer, Centre for Research on
Globalisation (Ca), March 17, 2003
--  Australia-US free trade pact will not help Australia, critics say,
Agence France Presse (Fr), March 17, 2003
--  The war of misinformation has begun, Robert Fisk, The Independent (UK),
March 16, 2003
--  Defence disquiet runs deep, Deborah Snow, Sydney Morning Herald, March
15, 2003
--  Hollow ring to Sir Echo, Alan Ramsey, Sydney Morning Herald, March 15,
--  Hey, John, most of us don't want your war, Hugh Mackay, Sydney Morning
Herald, March 15, 2003
--  Bank Lockout Mars Peace Day, Workers Online, Issue No. 170, March 14,
--  Crisis could be shot in arm for UN, Tony Stephens, Sydney Morning
Herald, March 14, 2003
--  All the propaganda that's fit to hear, Mike Seccombe, Sydney Morning
Herald, March 14, 2003
--  Global Eye -- Last Orders, Chris Floyd, Moscow Times (Ru), March 14,
--  The quisling of Belgrade, Neil Clark, The Guardian (UK), March 14, 2003
--  Kurdish people resist U.S. manipulation, Greg Butterfield, Workers World
(US), March 13, 2003
--  Out of the straitjacket, Alastair Hay, The Guardian (UK), March 12, 2003
--  Books not bombs, The Guardian, March 12, 2003
--  The dark corners of the world, Dr Fidel Castro Ruz, Speech at the 13th
Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement, The Guardian, Number 1129, March 12,
--  U.S. radio station in Jordan sounds like a hit with young: Music,
all-Arabic format thrive; some say news is slanted, Nancy Youssef, Detroit
Free Press (US), March 11, 2003
--  U.S. quietly soliciting bids for rebuilding postwar Iraq, Neil King Jr.,
Wall Street Journal (US), March 10, 2003
--  Going Off to War Supplied With Lies, Nicholas von Hoffman, The New York
Observer (US), March 10, 2003
--  North Korea: U.S. Plotting a Nuclear Attack, Jae-Suk Yoo, Associated
Press (US), March 9, 2003
--  Some Evidence on Iraq Called Fake: U.N. Nuclear Inspector Says Documents
on Purchases Were Forged, Joby Warrick, Washington Post (US), March 8, 2003
--  Non-aligned leaders blast war, unilateralism, People's Weekly World
(US), March 8, 2003
--  MSNBC's Double Standard on Free Speech 'Turd World' is OK-- 'anti-war,
anti-Bush' is not, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (US), FAIR Press
Release, March 7, 2003
--  Haliburton unit is tapped to oversee oil fields in Iraq, Chip Cummins
and Thaddeus Herrick, Wall Street Journal (US), March 7, 2003
--  Sacre Bleu - It's 'La Gong' Now, Workers Online, Issue 169, March 7,
--  US should increase psychological warfare on North Korea, The
Virginian-Pilot (US), March 7, 2003
--  Bush blocks Mugabe's assets, Associated Press (US), March 7, 2003
--  Leaked memo suggests US manipulating UN, Tony Jones, Martin Bright,
Lateline Transcript, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, March 6, 2003
--  US free trade deal 'may harm Australian farmers', Tim Colebatch, The
Age, March 3, 2003
--  A Legal Case For War?, Aaron Magner, Workers Online, March 2003
--  Too Much of a Good Thing, George Monbiot, Guardian (UK), February 18,
--  Bush needs a credible UN, Quentin Peel, Financial Times (UK), February
17, 2003
--  The American Neo-conservatives: Interview with Jim Lobe, Jonathan
Holmes, February 17, 2003
--  CIA tells US senators North Korea may possibly have nuclear ballistic
missiles at some point in the future, George Edmonson, The Atlanta
Journal-Constitution (US), February 13, 2003
--  Rumsfeld's war letters to Clinton, Jason Leopold, The Paper, February
--  The Cold Test, Seymour M. Hersh, The New Yorker (US), January 27, 2003
--  US Air Force pilot apologises for plane crash, Ananova (UK), January 27,
--  Iraqi Communists: Peaceful solution, Nick Wright, Morning Star (UK),
January 16, 2003
--  James Bond faces Korean boycott, Ananova (UK), December 11, 2002
--  No to War ... No to Dictatorship: Solidarity with the Iraqi People for
Peace and Democracy, Iraqi Communist Party, Political Statement, September
28, 2002
--  Depleted Uranium In Bunker Bombs: America's big dirty secret, Robert
James Parsons, Le Monde diplomatique (Fr), March, 2002
--  Vladimir Slipchenko: the Awe-inspiring Potential of American
High-precision Weaponry, Alexander Khokhlov, Izvestia (Ru), January 18, 2002
--  CIA estimates of potential North Korean nuclear capability, Central
Intelligence Agency (US), 2002
--  Watching The Warheads: The Risks to Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal, Seymour
M. Hersh, The New Yorker (US), November 5, 2001
--  Confrontations at Korean bombing range, The Guardian, June 28, 2000
--  Activists demand U.S. troop withdrawal from South Korea, Kyong-Hwa Seok,
Associated Press (US), June 24, 2000
--  Korea Thaws, Pentagon Freezes, Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive (US),
June 20, 2000
--  US sees no need to downgrade North Korea threat despite summit, Agence
France Presse (Fr), June 14, 2000
--  Koreas sign landmark reconciliation accord, Agence France Presse (Fr),
June 14, 2000
--  South Korea stopped US strike on North Korea: former president, Agence
France Presse (Fr), May 24, 2000

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