Oz Labor Party

Philip Ferguson plf13 at it.canterbury.ac.nz
Fri Mar 28 21:39:28 MST 2003

Bob, you have a truly impressive record of activity in the Oz Labor Party.

Needless to say the Labor Party is no further left than it was all those
decades ago when you began your Herculean efforts.  In fact, I would
suggest that on economic policy it is probably more openly
pro-capitalist than ever.

Still, I wish you well.

And I'm impressed to see that, despite all the historical evidence that
the ALP is unsalvageable and that your approach, which was tried for
decades by the CPA, has failed, you remain undaunted.

At least it inhibits your ability to make mischief on the revolutionary
left.  Long may you write resolutions that 'almost' get passed at state
Labor party conferences.  No doubt they are as worthy as all the left
resolutions that actually do get passed and give a nice little left
veneer to Labor policy statements before Labor politicians get on with
their real business - knifing the working class in the back.

I hope the LP machine appreciates your efforts.  But, sadly, I suspect
they probably don't.


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