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Fri Mar 28 22:06:33 MST 2003

What about the April 12 (ANSWER) action?

>I want to endorse the proposal by Green Party and United for Peace and
>Justice activist Ted Glick for a march to the Pentagon at the end of April
>or the beginning of May.. We need another national massive march and rally,
>with enough lead time to build it and reach out to previously uninvolved
>people. We need to seize the opportunity presented by the fact that the
>portrayal of the war as "liberation" is being exposed as a big lie by the
>widesrpead, and under the circumstances very courageous, Iraqi resistance
>to being conquered.
>I have no objection at all to including a clearly defined and separated
>civil disobedience feature in this action. The civil disobedience actions
>that have been carried out have genuine moral power -- of course, the human
>shields in Iraq are the most powerful example of this kind of willingness
>to sacrifice for a cause -- and they have attracted attention because of
>this feature.
>But I also think we need to be more conscious that an emphasis on civil
>disobedience, in the absence of constituional guaranteed protests like
>February 15 and March 22, will not alone create the broad massive fight we
>need to contribute to stopping this war. Among other things, I believe that
>a prolonged period without a massive public mobilization of the Feb. 15,
>March 22 type can create the vague popular impression -- which the
>government would love to create -- that opposition to the war is illegal,
>that it means violating the law and going to jail.

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