It can't happen here

Mervyn Hartwig mh at
Sat Mar 29 05:12:31 MST 2003

Paul Krugman wrote:
>To those familiar with 20th-century European history
>it seemed eerily reminiscent of. . . . But as Sinclair Lewis said, it can't
>happen here.

There was a very sobering documentary by Gary Yonge (Guardian reporter)
on Channel 4, UK, last night documenting the rise of (increasingly
organized) rightwing populist pro-war sentiment in the US. His
conclusion was that a casualty of a protracted war will be democracy as
we know it within the US itself - that indeed this is already happening.
It is vital for the future of the planet that the peace movement gain
the ascendency within the US itself - a presentiment which seems to
inform the recent call by Chomsky et al for people to pledge themselves
to work and organize for peace and justice.


Mervyn Hartwig

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