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Sat Mar 29 06:04:49 MST 2003

Thanks to Lou Paulsen who brings to our attention the news that the
(French) government said [a week ago] Friday that [calling for a quick
end to the war] does not mean Paris hopes Iraq wins the war, and said
that its position on who it wants to win was "totally devoid of

The Foreign Ministry issued a curt statement quoting Foreign Minister
Dominique de Villepin as saying on Monday: "The United States, we
hope, will win this war quickly."

Lou writes that the gov't of France is giving the peace movement of
the world a lesson on the limits of imperialist peacemaking. I am
beginning to learn the lesson. As I subsequently wrote to a French
comrade (who said he had not heard of it) ...

"Germany and France have not moved towards proposing action according
to resolution 377 which could call on the aggressors to stop their
war. Instead they have proposed "restoring" the food for oil programme
which was stopped as a punishment of Iraq. What it means however is
that Iraq is having to pay for its own food during war, whereas the
belligerents have the international legal duty to provide food. Their
action seems to legitimise the war, and there is talk of
reconciliation. It could hardly be worse."

Firstly, could anyone gives an analysis of the political and legal
situation with the UN? Secondly could anyone forward articles? Thirdly
could anyone provide links? Kofi Annan's web site is of course


James Daly

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