Crony capitalism and its wartime discontents

lvnadal lvnadal at
Sat Mar 29 07:23:05 MST 2003

From: M. Junaid Alam;
" Far more significant here is the fact that Allied supply lines are so
> stretched, that commanders were openly speaking of water and food
> shortages before the forward line halted its march towards the capitol.
> Soldiers are now only receiving 1 MRE per 24 hours, whereas the standard
> is 3."

But that's all part of the plan too, don't you see?  We don't want to bog
down our lightning fast, precision strike forces with the excess weight of
food and water.

"You want to eat, you dumb-shit stupid grunts? Dinner is waiting for you in

Got to love it.  Proper planning prevents piss poor performance.  The 6Ps as
taught by the greatest planners of piss performance in history, the US


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