Crony capitalism and its wartime discontents

lvnadal lvnadal at
Sat Mar 29 07:31:07 MST 2003

From: "Jacob Levich"
> Fascinating. Which  soldiers? Can you post the source? I'm following the
> logistical crisis closely, but I had no idea it was THIS serious! US
> troops simply cannot be expected to fight on one MRE per day.

It was on TV last night, that means it must be true.  Marines from the 1st.

Actually, you can fight on less than one MRE a day for a couple of weeks as
long as you have water and ammunition.  For this mechanized assault make
that water, ammo, and fuel.  Armor out of fuel and ammo would even things up
a bit.

Here you have the single greatest strength of US military policy, logistical
projection, logistical dominance, sustained resupply during combat
operations collapsing as a result of its own needs.  Is this not
overproduction in a nutshell, or artillery shell?

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