Antiwar Effort Emphasizes Civility Over Confrontation

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Sat Mar 29 10:24:21 MST 2003

by Walter Lippmann, Moderator, CubaNews list

Before reading the New York Times article below, please look
at this photograph of a demonstration here in California and
think about the implications of the photograph and the place
where the picture is published. There's a message for us.

Now that the New York Times has come out against the
war, it is putting some of its considerable resources into
revealing some of the truth of what's happening on the
ground. It's also begun to permit some of the reality that
there is mass protest against this war to be reflected in
its precious pages. This is all to the good and should
and is surely appreciated. Some of its tactical advice
and suggestions for the present are also articulated
clearly and tactically appropriate for the moment.

Today's most urgent work is to educate the people of the
United States as to the reality of the war, the goals which
the Bush administration is committed to, and to show the
people of this country and the world that the population of
this most powerful country is emphatically NOT backing
Washington's course of "shock and awe" terrorism in Iraq.

It's good seeing the New York Times writing today that:
"Protest has become routine, no longer seen as an assault
on the country's values and culture the way it was when
demonstrators descended on Washington in the 1960's."
though their interpretation of this is, uh, problemmatic.

The preference for peaceful, legal mass protests whose aim
is to convince members of the public who have swallowed or
been misled into supporting this war is also on the mark

Having the considerable resources of a section of the NYT
now aligned with anti-war activity, for its own reasons, is
of course, a VERY good thing. I think that they recognize at
the moment that the imperial arrogance of Bush and Chaney
can upset the entire applecart they want to defend. At the
same time, worth stopping for some "station identification"
regarding the New York Times and its interest in this.

Their difference with Bush & Co. is a tactical one. They
think Bush's strategy is bad for this system. And it IS bad
for the capitalist. There should be no confusion about that.

Remember that the NYT also shares a lot with Bush and
his team. The NYT agrees that the US has the right to tell
other countries who their leaders can be and what social
systems they are authorized (by Washington) to have.

The NYT similarly thinks it now has the right to pick and
choose who should lead the anti-war movement and what
kinds of tactics, strategies and demands should be used.

This article has TWO sides to it: one with tactical advice
which is good for the moment, but another which we need
to be alert to and conscious about. That's the red-baiting.
That's what the New York Times is up to regarding the
Workers World Party, a group which has been among
those most committed and most effective in building the
major protests against this war.

The New York Times both hated and reviled Malcolm X
in his life and the NYT gloated over his death, blaming it
on himself and his political perspective. They don't write
about Malcolm X today the way they did when he lived
or shortly after his death. That's part of why they focus
on Mumia Abu-Jamal and the struggle to defend and to
free him. They'd like to see the demands for Mumia's
freedom isolated and removed from public discourse,
which they have practiced themselves. And they would
probably like to see Mumia just as safely dead as they
were glad to see Malcolm dead. I wrote about that and
you can see what they said about Malcolm previously:

The New York Times hates the Cuban Revolution every
bit as much today as it ever has. And they play a very
ACTIVE role in their opposition to Cuba.

The Times has played a big role in this for decades, up
to the present when it refuses to even REPORT on
the Miami Five, arrested and jailed for monitoring
the activities of Cuban exile terrorists based in Florida.

Haven't time to present all the details on this here, so
write to me if you need more background on this, and
see: or
for details on this important, unreported case.

Walter Lippmann

March 29, 2003
Antiwar Effort Emphasizes Civility Over Confrontation

With the war against Iraq in its second week, the most
influential antiwar coalitions have shifted away from
large-scale disruptive tactics and stepped up efforts to
appeal to mainstream Americans.

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