Bad Politics -> Bad War Strategy -> Bad Logistics

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Sat Mar 29 11:19:23 MST 2003

Bad Politics -> Bad War Strategy -> Bad Logistics.

Bad Politics:
Bush, Rumsfeld, & Co. thought that taking out Saddam Hussein and a
few top Baath Party leaders in Baghdad was all it would take to win
the war, believing that the rank and file Baath Party members
wouldn't fight on their own and that the rest of Iraqis -- especially
in the South -- would welcome Americans as liberators.  Apparently,
they believed in their own propaganda about the character of Hussein
and the Baath Party, the nature of one-party dictatorship, and the
sentiments of the Iraqis.

Bad War Strategy:
Bad Politics led them to think that they could bypass cities in the
South, rather than subdue them.

Bad Logistics:
Bad Politics and Bad War Strategy left the longest supply lines
poorly defended, with an insufficient number of boots on the ground.


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