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2 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan
Associated Press
UPDATED AT 10:45 AM EST  Saturday, Mar. 29, 2003

Kandahar, Afghanistan - At least two U.S. special forces soldiers were
killed Saturday as American troops were ambushed in Helmand, a province
of southern Afghanistan. In a separate action, four suspected Islamic
hardliners were killed and six captured in the fighting in Sangisakh
Shaila, 75 kilometres north of Kandahar.

The ambush, said to be a move against special forces soldiers on routine
patrol, left two Americans dead and one wounded. The soldiers were on a
reconnaissance patrol in Helmand province when they were attacked, said
a statement from the headquarters of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

To the North and East of Helmand, Uruzgan Governor Haji Jan Mohammed
said he had sent at least 400 soldiers to the fight in Sangisakh Shaila,
and that U.S. special forces are also involved. Another 600 soldiers
from neighbouring Kandahar province have been sent to the battle area,
said provincial police official Shafiullah, who like many Afghans uses
only one name.

"The Taliban are using heavy weapons and we are trying to either kill or
arrest them," Mohammed said.

The U.S. military said unidentified assailants also opened fire on a
small group of U.S. special forces soldiers Saturday morning in the
vicinity of Khakrez, 45 kilometres northwest of Kandahar.

It was not clear whether the three incidents were in any way related.

Many Taliban are believed to be hiding in southern Afghanistan since
they were ousted by U.S.-led bombardment after the Sept. 11, 2001,
terrorist attacks.

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