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Sun Mar 30 08:10:09 MST 2003

"US Out of Iraq Now!
 Fuck the New York Times!"

I welcome Comrade Anthony's slogans and believe they must be used in tandem,
tag-teamed so to speak, can't have one without the other.

I also welcome his analysis which hits several nails on the head, not the
least of which is the NYT desire to transform the anti-war movement into an
anti-this way of conducting the war.  Let's be clear: the NYT favored and
favors the war as long as the "international community" supports the US.

Given that history, that fact, I don't know why anyone would welcome the NYT
into the anti-war movement, or regard its "tactical advice" as anything but

Regarding the issue of patriotism-- Comrade  Yoshie brings up another
important point, why is it important, or rather, why do we think it's more
important to US workers than UK workers, Japanese workers, etc?

 I find it remarkable that so many of the same people who find the US
working class "bribed" by imperialism, insist we accommodate the ideological
manifestations of such "privilege," by containing opposition within the
acceptable, civil, and bourgeois forms of patriotism, etc.

Obviously, such patriotism is not that important to African-American workers
despite the fact that African-Americans make ups 35% of the US military and
African-American women make up 50% of all enlisted women. There seems to be
a recognition that patriotism is just the fog obscuring economic necessity
and class exploitation.  African-Americans don't join the military out of
patriotism, but out of the fact that average wages for them are what 2/3?
3/4? of that for whites.  There's your patriotism, time to show it for what
it is. Long overdue.

I believe we must find a way to trace, in slogans, demands, speeches, this
war back to its origins in overproduction, in the very structure of capital

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