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Do you have a copy of that doco, Mervyn??  the thing that particularly
disturbed me is the argument if there is a protracted war then democracy as
we know it will die.  Well the first is given.  Bush & Co have  promised
unending war.  First of course they said it was against terrorism, but this
morhped quickly into a war of conquest on Iraq.  When or if they finish off
Iraq they will move on - Syria, Iran and N. Korea are the obvious
choices.  They have already been nominated by Wolfowitz.  Saudi Arabia is
another likely candidate.  So we will have protracted war in one form or
another. This is already being factored in by the Chinese.  Willy Lo Lap
Lam's recent report on move towards the the re-militarisation of China is
another indicator of which way the wind is blowing.

Yet something of Roy Bhaskar's optimism has rubbed off on me. I don't
believe that humanity wants unending war as its future and its
destiny.  They are beginning to show just a little of the Al-Jazeera
footage on tv here.  Ever so carefully selected but something of the
absolute horror of this war is seeping through.  Fisk's work is also
becoming known among the educated middle class. Satellites and the internet
are making a difference.  The Brisbane Courier Mail of course still has
'Iraqi Freedom' as the banner surrounding its war reports.  It still talks
of "stubborn Iraqi resistance" and "Aussie heroes", the anti-war movement
which seemed to ebb a little once the support our boys cry went out, is
beginning to come back strongly.  Its centre may now have shifted to Cairo
and the Arab street, but that too will have its impact on us. So the
movement will shift and reinforce itself and the flows of the movement will
be facilitated by the Net and those who rule us will never have anticipated
any of this.

I read somewhere that Rumsfeld commissioned a study of Ancient Empires when
he took up office. He would have done better to have studied Shelley's
great poem Ozymandias and to also have borne in mind there was no email
when Caesar was stomping through Gaul.



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 >Paul Krugman wrote:
 > >To those familiar with 20th-century European history
 > >it seemed eerily reminiscent of. . . . But as Sinclair Lewis said, it can't
 > >happen here.
 >There was a very sobering documentary by Gary Yonge (Guardian reporter)
 >on Channel 4, UK, last night documenting the rise of (increasingly
 >organized) rightwing populist pro-war sentiment in the US. His
 >conclusion was that a casualty of a protracted war will be democracy as
 >we know it within the US itself - that indeed this is already happening.
 >It is vital for the future of the planet that the peace movement gain
 >the ascendency within the US itself - a presentiment which seems to
 >inform the recent call by Chomsky et al for people to pledge themselves
 >to work and organize for peace and justice.
 >Mervyn Hartwig

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