Forwarded from Anthony (NYT)

bon moun sherrynstan at
Sun Mar 30 11:57:19 MST 2003

Is anyone -- as an individual or a member of a political organization
-- actually giving US troops anti-war leaflets now?

The series we've been running on Freedom Road's site is intentional in
extending a kind of hand to military and their families - not shy about
our politics, but not demonizing or stereotyping soldiers either.

A simple way to introduce it is to put the link on a leaflet that simply
says, "For an alternative analysis of the military and the war, go to"

That way, we aren't badgering anyone, and when they read the stuff, they
have no one to react to.  An opportunity, at least theoretically, to
reflect a bit.

It's mostly families now, since the vast majority of troops are

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