Cong. Charles Rangel's Statement on free speech.

David Siar dsiar at
Sun Mar 30 09:53:34 MST 2003

Why should a Marxist care one iota about Charles Rangle's rationalization of
dissent?  I don't support the troops, period, since their function, whether
in peace or in war, is to operate as a repressive apparatus of the rulling
class.  And I'm not patriotic, either, since I don't believe in nation
states but, rather, in international communism.  I *am* sympathetic, though,
to young, working-class people who have such limited options in capitalist
society that they feel compelled to enlist in the service rather than sell
dope or starve.  Charles Rangles' politics aren't going to change the lives
of those people, though; only a radical transformation of society will do
the job.

Dave Siar

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